Sedalia Rotary Club History

Our Club – A Brief History

The Beginning

On August 29, 1921, 23 Sedalians gathered at Hildebrandt’s European Hotel and Cafe, 116-118 E. 2nd Street, to discuss forming a Rotary Club. Rotary as an organization was then 16 years old. During the September 27th banquet at the YMCA Building located at 5th and Lamine, a formal charter application was made. William H. Powell, Jr., Assistant Cashier of Citizens National Bank, was elected President. Guy Peabody, District Agent for Royal Union Mutual Life Insurance Co., elected Secretary. There were 25 members in the charter club.

December 20, 1921, was charter night with approximately 200 persons attending a banquet at the Liberty Hotel at the NE corner of 4th and Lamine. District Governor Russ Burns served as toastmaster. The Rotary Club of St. Louis was our sponsor.

From the beginning, Rotarians have been active in serving youth, reflecting the needs of the times. In the 1920’s Rotarians visited the 8th grade students, encouraging them to stay in school. In some instances, books and clothing were provided as needed. In 1946 cash awards were presented to outstanding high school students. This has continued in more recent times with its “Students of the Month” program and the awarding of four scholarships annually.

Service Through the Years

In the 1940’s a gilt program enabled “deserving, bright-eyed farm boys” to get started in agriculture. Taking the entire person into consideration, Rotary sponsored the first Little League Baseball team in Sedalia. For a number of years Rotary has sent students to Boys and Girls State to learn first-hand how government operates. RYLA has provided a means for outstanding students to sharepen their leadership skills.

To facilitate the growing demands for its financial resources, the Project Fund was established in 1950. This enabled the club to channel its effort for fund raising as well as spending into a more effective program. Fund raisers have included such diverse projects as the State Fair Bowl (high school football championships games); sponsoring the Black Hills Passion Play; and ushering at rock concerts and auto racing at the State Fair. Current fundraisers include an annual auction (our big money raiser), and operating the Campgrounds General Store during the Missouri State Fair. We have assisted other organizations in their fund raising projects, such as ringing the bells for Salvation Army (undisputed winners since the beginning) and assisting the MS 150 bicycle marathon.

Some of the more recent projects include an annual fishing clinic for developmentally challenged adults; a “Paint Your Heart Out” project with Rotarians painting and making minor (and some not so minor!) repairs to homes of individuals unable to fund their own improvements. On an international level, the club has provided funds for water wells in India and South Africa. Since 1988 it has been involved in Polio Plus, an attempt by RI in cooperation with World Health Organization, to eradicate polio from the world. This remarkable program is right on schedule. In August 2020, Africa was declared polio free. That leaves the wild polio virus endemic to only 2 countries: Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Women in Rotary

Sedalia Rotary was one of the first Rotary clubs to bring women into the membership, beginning 1987. Dr. Margaret Harlan was the first woman elected to membership, to be followed by many outstanding women members. Mary McIntosh was the first woman president in 1998, followed by Beth Montes in 1999 and Sue Wise in 2001. Their contribution to the Sedalia club has been incalculable.

Looking Forward

As we have reached 100 years of service, the Sedalia Rotary Club continues to endeavor service above self, both at the club and international levels. We are always seeking new projects and methods of service to benefit the community.

Past Presidents

William Powell, Jr.1921-1922
Shields R. Smith1922-1923
Robert M. Johns1923-1924
Hebert Feauers1924-1925
Donald S. Lamm1925-1926
Ray Lippard1926-1927
Ernest Kenagy1927-1928
W. Pitkin Stanley1928-1929
Ernie Landmann1929-1930
Carl Harer1930-1931
W. D. Smith1931-1932
Frank Buchanan1932-1933
Arthur Hoffman1933-1934
Lawrence Geiger1934-1935
Ernest Gillespie1935-1936
Chester A. Wright1936-1937
J. E. Cannaday1937-1938
J. C. McLaughlin1938-1939
W. O. Stanley1939-1940
Earnest Thompson1940-1941
Roy Keller1941-1942
Lou Studer1942-1943
Frank Bryant1943-1944
Lawrence Barnett1944-1945
Nolen Bricken1945-1946
J. U. Morris1946-1947
Z. Lyle Brown1947-1948
J. Fred King1948-1949
Oscar DeWolf1949-1950
Kenneth U. Love1950-1951
F. Emory Bowman1951-1952
W. E. Hurbut, Jr.1952-1953
George H. Routszong1953-1954
William B. Rich1954-1955
Delmas W. Heckart1955-1956
Thomas W. Croxton1956-1957
C. Gordon Stauffacher1957-1958
Jack Cunningham1958-1959
D. Warren Neal1959-1960
Jess Brown1960-1961
Elmer McClung1961-1962
Keith Yount1962-1963
Harry Walch1963-1964
C. Omer West, Jr.1964-1965
Fred J. Crnic1965-1966
Louis H. Temple, Jr.1966-1967
Jesse L. Sumners1967-1968
Stanley D. Fisher1968-1969
James O. Latimer1969-1970
Aubrey B. Case1970-1971
Donald Barnes1971-1972
Charles Hofheins1972-1973
Robert Philips1973-1974
William G. Hopkins1974-1975
Bill G. Arnold1975-1976
Larry McRoy1976-1977
Bruce McCully1977-1978
Everette Wood1978-1979
Ron Shuler1979-1980
Verl Schnepf1980-1981
Fred Davis1981-1982
Robert Hoskins1982-1983
Robert Wolf1983-1984
Tom Calder1984-1985
David Malmo1985-1986
Gerald Spencer1986-1987
Samuel Corpe1987-1988
Lou Wollenberg1988-1989
Lindal Grechus1989-1990
Kenneth Schreiner1990-1991
Robert Heitmeyer1991-1992
David Limbaugh1992-1993
Paul Beykirch1993-1994
Don Hofheins1994-1995
Greg Stewart1995-1996
Leon Moore1996-1997
Chris Squires1997-1998
Mary McIntosh1998-1999
Beth Montes1999-2000
Bob Koffman2000-2001
Sue Wise2001-2002
Dennis Hagedorn2002-2003
Don Brandes2003-2004
Tom Adermann2004-2005
Mike Haynes2005-2006
Ben Embree2006-2007
Rick Langdon2007-2008
Greg Boswell2008-2009
Pam Barb2009-2010
Angela Thompson2010-2011
Richard DeFord2011-2012
Chris Young2012-2013
Kevin Bond2013-2014
Roger Austin2014-2015
Joy Dickinson2015-2016
Lindal Grechus2016-2017
Robert Liston2017-2018
Amanday May2018-2019
Mark Register2019-2020
Todd Gerlt2020-2021
Kathleen Boswell2021-2022
Eric Kraus2022-2023